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Guarding Him


Ian Jamison is a genius. A self-made tech mogul with everything going for him, including the chance to end the biggest government contract of his business career. The threats he's received don't seem credible, so when his business partner demands a bodyguard, he refuses. However, Ian is contractually obligated to have protection for the plans he will present to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When the bodyguard he doesn't want shows up, the last thing he's expecting is a female. A very beautiful and desirable woman that isn't like anyone he's met before. When violence hits close to home, Ian's natural tendency to protect comes into direct conflict with the woman who is determined, and capable of guarding him.

Nicolette Montgomery is ex-Army and trained to be lethal when the situation demands. When her firm is hired to protect San Francisco's newest tech genius, she's expecting an easy assignment and a nerdy client, not someone who could be the city's Most Eligible Bachelor. When bodies begin to drop and the FBI shows up, it becomes obvious that the stakes are life and death, and not just corporate espionage. With a serial killer on the loose and Ian's contract on the line, it's her job to protect the man she's coming to love. Nic will have to use every bit of her training and determination to keep Ian safe, or die trying.

In Zach's Arms


Romance author, Elizabeth Russell lives alone, works alone, and that's the way she 

likes it.  No ties, no relationships, no complications.  But when her apartment is 

broken into and it looks more personal than per-chance, she finds herself running

to the only person who can protect her - too bad he also has the most potential

to crush her world.

Former Marine turned securities expert, Zach Steele doesn't do regret or second

chances.  So when a sexy heartbreak from his past shows up on his doorstep, 

desperate for a safe place to crash, his first reaction is, Hell no.  But with a stalker

quickly closing in and the only woman he's ever loved looking up at him like he's

still "that" guy, Zach offers up his protection.  Working together to bring her stalker down brings them closer than ever, and Zach realizes that it's not just Elizabeth's life that's in danger... but also his guarded heart.

Lily's Outlaw


When photojournalist, Liliana Richardson, agrees to go on assignment in Arizona, she has no idea it could cost her everything.  But one wrong picture at the right moment puts her on a lethal drug cartel's hit list.  Kidnapped and held prisoner in a border town, she is certain her life is over, until the bad boy from her past shows up.  Now she's on the run with the only man who ever made her want more. Problem is: She knows she can trust him with her life, but not her heart.


Security specialist and former Marine, Jesse James Calhoun, follows a strict code. Work hard, play hard, and never get too involved.  When he gets information that the wild girl from his past needs help and fast, he's ready, willing, and able to neutralize the threat.  But the spoiled girl he knew is all grown up and has a secret that someone is willing to kill for.  Can he keep them alive long enough to uncover her secret?  Or will she leave before he can stop a killer, taking his heart with her.


Finding Dani


Danielle Bordeaux was used to danger.  As a doctor with the Center for Disease Control she thrived on the adventure and challenge of battling the world's worst diseases, in the world's worst places. When Ebola breaks out in a small village in Ghana, she and her team are prepared for the worst. But what she finds is a virus made even more deadly by human hands. And when rebels attack the camp, rescue comes from the last man she ever expected to see again.  It hurts every time she looks at him, but also brings a sweet torture that she's not sure she can deny.


Damon Dupree is an ex-Marine for hire.  A former sniper and an ace helicopter pilot, he goes where the money and excitement take him. The government has him playing babysitter to a genius inventor, bent on finding a cure for Ebola - but a frantic call has him racing to save the one woman from his past that he can't touch - and can't forget.  With a killer bent on infecting anyone close with a mutated virus, can he save the only woman who's ever meant anything to him - before they lose everything?


Shelby's Secret


Shelby Lynn Collins left Phoenix fifteen years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a country music singer.  Now the two-time Entertainer of theYear is back in Phoenix for a concert that will put the exclamation point on her career.  Until she receives an e-mail from a deranged killer, and becomes a target.  Even worse, the Detective assigned to the case is the man she left behind.  It's bittersweet torture being protected by the only man she's ever loved, and the only man who has the power to break her heart.



Mike Hanson is an ex-Marine turned Homicide Detective, with an ingrained ability to find the bad guys.  When a body turns up that points to a connection to the famous singer in town for a concert, he has no choice but to get involved.  As the killer gets more violent, Mike gets closer to the woman who makes him feel again.  Now he's going to pull in every favor owed, and push himslef harder than ever to protect the woman who broke his heart, because he can't imagine a world without her.  Even if she leaves him again.


Rescuing Pandora Cover 382X567.jpg
Rescuing Pandora

Pandora Jones is an all-American girl.  Serving her country as an ambassador's Arabic speaking attaché in Iraq, she works hard and travels the world.  Until a car bombing kills her employer and leaves her fighting for her life in a country where the customs and traditions treat women radically different. Now, Pandora has information to help bring down a member of ISIS in exchange for passage back home, and the only person who can help her is a ghost from the past.

Cameron "Phantom" Caffee is CIA, an undercover operative stationed in Iraq. His goal---bring down the terrorist organization responsible for destroying his life, and ending his career as an Army Delta Force soldier.  When he gets the chance to exchange asylum for valuable intel on ISIS bases, he jumps at the opportunity to finally have his revenge.  But when Cam discovers his asset is a woman he thought long dead, the game changes.  He joins forces with a deadly Delta Force team to rescue the woman he never stopped loving, and try to get them out of the country before ISIS can destroy them all.


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