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Ian Jamison is a genius. A self-made tech mogul with everything going for him, including the chance to end the biggest government contract of his business career. The threats he's received don't seem credible, so when his business partner demands a bodyguard, he refuses. However, Ian is contractually obligated to have protection for the plans he will present to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When the bodyguard he doesn't want shows up, the last thing he's expecting is a female. A very beautiful and desirable woman that isn't like anyone he's met before. When violence hits close to home, Ian's natural tendency to protect comes into direct conflict with the woman who is determined, and capable of guarding him.

Nicolette Montgomery is ex-Army and trained to be lethal when the situation demands. When her firm is hired to protect San Francisco's newest tech genius, she's expecting an easy assignment and a nerdy client, not someone who could be the city's Most Eligible Bachelor. When bodies begin to drop and the FBI shows up, it becomes obvious that the stakes are life and death, and not just corporate espionage. With a serial killer on the loose and Ian's contract on the line, it's her job to protect the man she's coming to love. Nic will have to use every bit of her training and determination to keep Ian safe, or die trying.
















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