Pandora Jones is an all-American girl.  Serving her country as an ambassador's Arabic speaking attaché in Iraq, she works hard and travels the world.  Until a car bombing kills her employer and leaves her fighting for her life in a country where the customs and traditions treat women radically different. Now, Pandora has information to help bring down a member of ISIS in exchange for passage back home, and the only person who can help her is a ghost from the past.

Cameron "Phantom" Caffee is CIA, an undercover operative stationed in Iraq. His goal---bring down the terrorist organization responsible for destroying his life, and ending his career as an Army Delta Force soldier.  When he gets the chance to exchange asylum for valuable intel on ISIS bases, he jumps at the opportunity to finally have his revenge.  But when Cam discovers his asset is a woman he thought long dead, the game changes.  He joins forces with a deadly Delta Force team to rescue the woman he never stopped loving, and try to get them out of the country before ISIS can destroy them all.
















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